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roof truss installation tips

Roof Truss Installation Tips: How to Set Them Properly

These days, it seems roof trusses have surpassed rafters as the most popular way to create roof frames, and for many reasons. They aren’t just more affordable – roof trusses are also extremely versatile and convenient, allowing builders to traverse large distances between walls without additional center support. With so many homes adopting open spaces…
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Everything You Need to Know Before You Order Trusses

Everything You Need to Know Before You Order Trusses

In recent years, roof trusses have become one of the most popular roof construction tactics. They’re widely considered to be one of the most cost-effective, convenient ways of building modern roofs. Before you jump into constructing your own roof trusses, there are some things you need to know. This post will give you a brief…
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Roof trusses covered with a membrane on a detached house

10 Reasons Why Roof Trusses Is Better Than Rafters for Your Home

The difference between a truss and a rafter isn’t something most of us think about regularly – but it’s a topic of importance when it comes to building a home. That’s why we want to talk about rafters vs. trusses today on the Hitek blog. What’s the best way to hold up your roof? Are…
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roof structure

Principles of Roof Truss Design: Calculate Truss Dimensions

When you walk into many modern buildings and houses, you’ll quickly notice trusses use to give the roof stability and strength. Wondering how much a design like that costs? What dimensions do you need? You could use a roof truss calculator to find these answers, but first, you need to understand the basic principles of…
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Wooden Floor Truss Being Installed In A New Home Construction

9 Ways Floor Trusses Can Improve Your Building Process

As you begin your building process, consider the importance of wooden floor trusses for your current work and later purposes. Floor trusses are specially engineered from high-quality lumber to meet your project’s exact requirements, whether you’re framing the floor of a house or another building. The diagonal and vertical components are robust, making for a…
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Builders Guide to Roof Truss Design Types Cost

Builder’s Guide to Roof Truss Design, Types, and Cost

As roof trusses grow in popularity, more and more homeowners have questions about them. They want to know more about roof truss designs, costs, and materials, which we want to talk about today. Using our extensive knowledge about trusses, we’ve created an article that will help you understand your truss options and choose the best…
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