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Wondering how to achieve that perfect roof truss design in your home - and how much it will cost?

Our roof truss design calculator will help you determine some of the details, including dimensions and basic principles of construction. Take a look below to find a starting point for your roof truss budget.

An important note: Every truss calculation will be completely unique based on your roof’s specific size and dimensions. It’s vital that you use your exact measurement rather than estimates from other projects or homeowners.

Our handy roof truss design calculator calculates the rake length of your roof by using the span, overhang, and pitch measurements.

  • Pitch – This is the incline of the roof. It will be expressed as a fraction. If you think back to your early geometry classes, you might remember that the pitch of a triangle is the rise over the run.
  • Span – This is based on the total footprint of the house and the distance between two exterior walls.
  • Overhang – This is the part of the roof that extends beyond the exterior wall of the home.

Simply enter the measurements and our handy tool will calculate your “rake length” instantly.

Custom Roof Truses

What can you do with this information provided by our roof calculator? Well, knowing the roof rake length helps you understand how much the truss project will cost and what materials you will need.
Unless you’re a builder or roofer, you likely haven’t heard terminology like “rake length” used much - and that’s okay. Your roof “rake” is essentially the measurement of the sloped sides of a gable end. A “gable end” refers to the entire wall, including the gable (triangle portion of the wall) and the wall below it.
Once you have the roof overhang, pitch, span, and rake length calculations, you can better understand just how much material you’ll need. This allows you to better estimate purchasing costs, as well as labor costs from a reliable roof truss designer and installer.

Our truss calculator computes the best dimensional method to connect the pieces of the truss. This will be done with steel joints and a bridge, added to support the weight of the entire truss.

Of course, our roof truss design calculator doesn’t provide a guaranteed calculation or price. You’ll need to speak with an actual representative and likely schedule a roof inspection to determine specific quotes.

Request a Truss Quote Today

At Hitek Truss Design, we have more than seven decades of experience manufacturing, installing, and pricing roof truss designs. We don’t hide costs or cut corners. Instead, we walk you through the entire process with total transparency. Our team will meet your needs while also explaining every aspect of roof truss design calculations.

When you request a real quote from us, we don’t just throw one number at you as our roof truss design calculator does. We take critical environmental factors and timelines into account so we can provide an extremely accurate, detailed price estimate. Whether you need roof trusses or floor trusses, we’re prepared to start your journey.

To learn more or request your personalized roof truss quote, call 352-797-0877 or request a bid online.

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